Software Development Kit OpenCL™ on ARM Linux

The Mali OpenCL SDK provides developers a framework and a series of tutorials with samples to get developers started developing OpenCL 1.1 applications on ARM Mali based platforms such as the Mali-T600, Mali-T700 and Mali-T800 families of GPUs. The tutorials start introducing the developer to the basics of an OpenCL application.

OpenCL is an open standard defined by Khronos that expose the vast parallel processing capabilities of the GPU to the developer, to achieve improvements in performance and power efficiency.

  • Samples & Tutorials
    Several samples from the basic set-up to more complex examples demonstrating common filters and OpenCL operations
    Samples demonstrating features of OpenCL 1.1
    Step-by-step walk through of samples
  • Simple Project Setup
    Simple build steps to get up and running quickly
  • Simple Framework
    A light weight framework with common helper utilities
  • Linux on ARM Support
    Packages provides for support for ARM Linux based platforms with Mali-T600, Mali-T700 and Mali-T800 families of GPUs and OpenCL



Hello World
Basic Introduction to OpenCL and Vectorization. Starts with moving C code to OpenCL and improving performance by utilizing vectorization

Skelton code that can be used for starting OpenCL development

Memory Buffers
Sharing memory efficiently between the ARM Cortex-A processor and Mali-T600 GPU

Image Objects
See how using image objects for textures and images can simplify development and increase performance

64-bit Integer and Atomic
How to use long data types and atomics with OpenCL 1.1 Full Profile

Sobel Filter
Implementation of a simple convolution filter used in edge detection

FIR Filter
Floating point FIR (Finite Input Response) image filter commonly used for pixelization and noise reduction

Mandelbrot fractal patterns

Single-Precision General Matrix Multiplication
Matrix multiplication example


Getting Started Guide and Tutorials included.


Please submit your questions and issues to the Mali Developer Forums.


*OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.