The ARM® Mali™ series of Graphics processing units (GPUs) offer industry-leading scalable graphics IP that drives the visual experience. This includes a wide range of devices scaling from entry-level mass market smartphones through to visually stunning high-performance smartphones, Android™ tablets and smartTVs.

Mali Quick facts

  • Number 1 GPU in graphics enabled smartTVs
  • Number 1 in Android tablets
  • In over 20% of Android smartphones
  • Over 150M Mali GPUs shipped in 2012
  • Found in over 230 end devices

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Mali GPU Products

The needs of this wide range of devices creates a challenge to address the diverse demands of graphics and GPU Compute processing, in a high-performing and energy efficient way.

ARM has met this challenge by offering two families of products – the Mid-Range family targeting market leading performance density for graphics  and High-End series which brings together both high performance graphics as well as the first GPU Compute solutions for mobile and smart TV devices.

Mid-Range Graphics Roadmap

ARM Mali Mid-Range solutions was primarily based on the Utgard architecture which enables high-performance graphicsMid-Range roadmap in the smallest silicon area. However, the ARM Mali-T720, a GPU of the Midgard architecture, extended the family and enabled it to offer GPU Compute functionality within a lower area budget.

This range of products has enabled market-leading devices including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, LG SmartTV, Samsung Note II and a wide range of mass market smartphones and Android tablets.

Mid-Range GPU implementations bring best-in-class graphics performance with market-leading performance/density.

High-End Graphics Roadmap

Now we turn to devices that not only need high performance graphics but can also all benefit from the additional functionality offered by GPU Compute. If you are not familiar with GPU Compute this section will give you an introduction. The Mali-T600 series of GPUs, based on the Midgard architecture, supports all major compute APIs in performing GPU Computing with more efficient execution of parallel-intensive tasks. The first Mali-T604 based devices came to market with the Samsung Chromebook and the Google Nexus 10 being the highest profile devices. Mali-T628-based devices are also becoming available, most notably with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The first generation Mali-T604 was the first product to bring graphics and GPU Compute functionality together for mobile devices. ARM expanded the High-End GPU roadmap with more advanced GPUs, each one improving upon the last.

All ARM Mali GPUs benefit from an integrated software stack that provides long-term support of industry-standard APIs and ensures code compatibility across the range of architectural compliant GPUs.

ARM is in the unique position to provide an optimized compute platform that uses ARM Cortex™ processors, Mali GPUs and ARM CoreLink™ CCI-400 technologies. Enabling a range of applications to be processed more efficiently when shared between the CPU and the GPU. This heterogeneous approach makes full use of the inherent capabilities of each system component to achieve the best possible balance of energy efficiency and performance.

Mali Video Engine


Mali Video offers advanced video technology combined with power-efficiency and one of the smallest chip sizes in the market to creators of mass-market mobile devices. Designed to scale from 1080p60 on a single core to 4k120 on the full eight cores, all Mali-V500 variations will offer stunning HD visual and experiential quality to end users. The ARM Mali-V500 is the initial offering in the innovative Mali Video roadmap and offers multi-standard codec support.

Mali Ecosystem

Mali GPUs are complemented by the Mali Ecosystem, a comprehensive community of graphics industry players, which is helping developers achieve shorter time-to-market and supporting application development for Mali GPUs through the ARM Mali Developer Center portal  ( ). With many years of expertise in designing low power processor architectures, ARM delivers graphics and GPU Computing technologies that are helping to transform screen-based products for the consumers of today and tomorrow.