ARM Mali GPUs turn GPU Compute into reality at MWC


25th – 28th February 2013, MWC, Barcelona, Spain.


ARM stand at Mobile World Congress, Hall 6 Stand 6A31.


ARM will showcase a range of Mali™ GPU Compute use cases running on devices, demonstrating the benefits of Renderscript and OpenCL.

ARM Mali GPUs are the first to bring the benefits of GPU Compute to mobile devices. ARM is also the first IP vendor to pass OpenCL 1.1 Full Profile Khronos conformance test. GPU Compute ensures that the right task is placed in the right place at the right time, enabling greater performance efficiencies.

In a world where smartphones and tablets act as our primary compute platform for more than accessing the internet and social media, but also used to create and view videos and experience on-the-go gaming, leading companies are discovering new ways to ensure technology is making the phone last longer and do far more than ever before

You’ll discover how running a task on a GPU is faster, while enabling other tasks to be run at the same time. See firsthand how smart allocation of the tasks is far more efficient and is seamless to the user. GPU compute opens up new use cases whilst existing tasks are done more efficiently.

Mali GPUs are the first graphics technology to support Google Renderscript Compute, enabling real devices to bring new exciting features to consumers.

ARM is the first to offer Full Profile OpenCL™ support for mobile devices. ARM will show how OpenCL can be used in applications including high accuracy facial detection and multi-face detection – improving photography on mobile devices as well as creating significant performance improvements.

ARM continues to build a thriving and strong ecosystem around Mali GPU Compute, with strategic collaborations from leaders and experts across the whole industry. This is opening new markets for ARM partners and adding value to Mali GPU Compute users.

Computational Photography

A key initial area to benefit from GPU compute  – you will also be able to see the performance improvement possible when real-time image filters are applied to a camera feed and the performance improvements possible by moving the task from the CPU to the GPU. This demonstration shows the accelerations in image processing content made possible by Renderscript. ARM is committed to delivering more performance within a mobile power budget through innovative technologies which ensure a compute task is completed on the most energy efficient processing element. GPU Compute and big.LITTLE™ processing are the most recent examples of new technologies ensuring the right task can be run in the right place in the system.

By supporting GPU Compute ARM Mali GPUs are expanding the potential use cases for tablets and smartphones:

RS Benchmark from Kishonti will run for the first time on a mobile based GPU showing the key features that GPU enables – only possible with Mali-T604


GPU Compute is also improving the gaming experience. You will see how a combination of OpenGL® ES 3.0 and OpenCL APIs offer a wider range of effects not seen before on mobile devices. OpenCL opens new levels of physics simulations and OpenGL ES 3.0 showcases effects such as showing the application of high dynamic range, adaptive luminance tone mapping and atmospheric scattering – features only normally seen in PC or console level gaming experiences.


ARM Mali GPUs are the first GPUs focused on the mobile space showing GPU Compute is a reality. GPU compute will enable:

  • New use cases previously not possible to perform on a mobile device enhancing the user experience
  • Make previous tasks more efficient  – in conjunction with ARM big.LITTLE technology, GPU Compute is critical to running tasks using the most efficient part of the SoC



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