User Guides, White Papers, and Demos

Graphics acceleration is easier when you’re armed with good documentation. Here you’ll find a host of tips & tricks for working on systems containing Mali GPUs. Learn from Mali-specific application developer guides, Mali developer tool user guides, ARM partner white papers, and more.

Mali GPU Application Optimization Guide

The Optimization Guide for application development on Mali GPUs includes information on how to optimize graphics applications to achieve the best frame rate on Mali GPUs while maintaining good visual quality.

Download Mali GPU Application Optimization Guide (pdf)

Mali GPU OpenGL ES Application Development Guide

The Application Developer Guide for OpenGL ES development on Mali GPUs includes information on general OpenGL ES development as well as special considerations when developing on Mali GPUs.

Download Mali GPU OpenGL ES Application Development Guide (pdf)

Mali GPU OpenVG Application Development Guide

This document is essential for anyone writing OpenVG software for Mali Graphics Processing Units.

Download Mali GPU OpenVG Application Development Guide (pdf)

Infocenter on

ARM has a central repository of all ARM documentation called Infocenter. Everything from technical reference manuals for ARM processors to application developer guides and knowledgebase articles are available from Infocenter without the need to register.

* Please note that some documents in Infocenter are only available to ARM Mali licensees.

Mali Graphics processors documentation on

Futuremark White Papers

3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 (pdf)

VGMark 1.1 (pdf)

Kanzi™ (pdf)

Mentor Graphics Technical Papers

Effective Embedded Differentiation with Graphical User Interfaces

Nucleus Graphics: A New Approach to User Interface Creation for Consumer Electronic Devices

Delivering Rich and Customizable User Interfaces for Multimedia-Enabled Products

User Interface and Graphics Development for Embedded Systems

TAT – The Astonishing Tribe

Dynamic UIs. A compelling experience (pdf)

3D User Interfaces for Mobile Phones (pdf)

The Mobile UI as a Driver for an Enhanced Internet and Community Experience (pdf)



Mali GPU Developer Tools Technical Overview

These pages on ARM’s Infocenter documentation service provide a quick technical overview of all of the Mali GPU development tools as well as links to the specific user guides for each tool.

Download PDF

Mali GPU Developer Tools Overview Slides

Gain an understanding of all of the Mali GPU tools provided by ARM and how they can help with your development and optimization efforts.

Download PDF

Performance Optimization of Embedded 3D Graphics Applications

This training module from ARM’s services division guides users through an example optimization effort using the Mali GPU Performance & Analysis Tool to help in identifying bottlenecks.

Download PDF

OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide

Co-written by ARM’s very own Dave Shreiner, this guide covers everything you need to know about creating and working with shaders, geometry, rendering, and much more.

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